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Hey there! I’m Alix Wallingford. I’m a 27 year old Utah Wedding Videographer who has decided to make my business work for me. I’m a small town Utah girl who has been married to her sweetheart, Stephen, for over 5 years. The two of us now live in an even smaller town. I’m mostly known for talking my head off or being super quiet. I have no in-between. The other thing people know me for is videography. Something special ignited in me when I was able to put a name to it. In the past 5 years I have served over 40 couples.

I love spending time with my husband. He is so supportive of my ambitions and is always pushing me to get better and better. We do not have any children but consider our miniature schnauzer, Molly, as part of the family. I enjoy exercise and budgeting. Exercise helps me keep any anxieties I currently have in check. It centers me and brings me back to reality. Budgeting sounds really boring, but I have found the excitement in meeting financial goals. #NewLoveForSpreadsheets

Lastly, I love videography. I put my heart and soul into each film I produce. Not just that, I love my clients! Without you, my passion has no outlet and then I get restless. I pride myself in being 100% authentically who I am when I am shooting with clients. You get the quirky awkward Alix who likes to say random things and make jokes. Not only does this end up making a shoot fun, but it is the way I express myself in the fullest capacity. If I am filming, I am totally in the zone and the outside world fades away. 12 hours on my feet doesn't phase me until I am sitting in my car on the drive home just replaying the whole day in my mind. Ever since I was a young kid I have always been interested in film. I was always playing around with my parents camcorder and being the “director” for little films I would have my sisters and friends be actresses in.

Being a videographer has truly made me realize that when I was a kid and just playing around with a video camera, I was being prepared for a wonderful and nerve-wracking business. I’m learning as I go and your support does not go unnoticed.

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