Saltair Love Story || Utah Wedding Videographer

I have known Preston and Brittney for years. We all went to the same junior high and high school. However, these two met in first grade. They used to sit next to each other and then their teacher moved them away from each other. So, during recess they asked their teacher if they could sit next to each other again and she let them. How cute! Now that I am a Utah Wedding Videographer I can capture the love of people I have known for a long time.

In their love story video below they mention how they were in a history class in high school where they made the connection that they were 1st grade friends. I was in that class. I swear it! If I try to remember hard enough I think I can remember very subtle flirting between the two in that class. It was subtle but I was highly analytical during high school so I’m not sure if they even picked up on it.

Saltair Wedding Videography

Back in 2016 I had a giveaway for a discounted video. Brittney won! She wanted a love story video even though her and Preston were yet to be engaged. I thought this was a great idea! I knew that they had been dating quite a while and that they had a fun story to tell. I knew that they would be engaged at some point in the future.

We shot their Love Story at Saltair. I thought it would be a fun location because 1) It was near Tooele, which is where we all grew up and 2) because it is something you see on the drive to and from Tooele on I-80. It felt like the perfect spot to film. I had never filmed a video at the Great Salt Lake (Tooele side) before. I remember always driving past it as a kid. It was where I had my most creative thoughts. I often would be listening to my iPod with music and envisioning creative things. I wasn’t necessarily daydreaming about filming on the Great Salt Lake but it was a fun way to connect my ever-creative childhood mind to my adult life.

Since the filming of this video, Preston and Brittney were married in a small ceremony on a beach in Hawaii.

Saltair Wedding Videography