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Utah Wedding Videographer

You’re here to figure out what it is like working with me as a Utah Wedding Videographer, right? Well, then you have come to the right place.

Over the past 5 years I have learned my shooting style and what I am like (at least through my eyes) in a session. Stick around to the end to read what some of my past clients actually think. There are a couple important things to know about me first. I’m pretty shy but also an open book and bubbly person. To put it best, I am an ambivert, which is a mix of being an introvert and extrovert. Some days I am more introverted and quiet and other days I am a non-stop talker. However, you will rarely find me in a conversation at the grocery store unless you stop to talk to me. I’m there to get in and get out but love to stop and chat for a minute if you feel like striking up a conversation.

I feel that being an ambivert benefits my business greatly with the clients I work with. Allow me to explain…

Utah Wedding Videographer

On your wedding day, I am there as an observer. I find the details that are easy to forget. My introverted side helps me find these details as I listen to your wedding day. While I listen with my ears at your wedding, I am referring to listening with my eyes. If my eyes see something I like and know that it will be important in your wedding film, I am a magnet and will go capture it as fast as possible. I listen with my eyes a lot during the wedding day. Perhaps this is why I wake up with a wedding hangover (a very real thing that your photographer also experiences).

My eyes see your bouquet and I immediately start thinking and searching for the perfect moment to capture it. That awesome tie on your groom? I captured it. The flowers you use to decorate your arch or tables? I captured several different angles and options. Introverts spend a lot of time thinking. This is how I approach your wedding day. As it gets closer and closer to the day, I am mentally preparing about how to best preform my duties as your videographer. I start visualizing your wedding day the moment you inquire. As I am filming I am trying to asses what style of music works best. If you have a specific genre you like, I keep those vibes in my mind as I film.

When the wedding is over and the wedding hangover has settled I get to right to work on your film. I go into full hermit mode following the day or two after the wedding. I often text you short previews from your film right as I am working on them in real time. I am just holding my phone up to my computer screen but I really like this approach because it shows you that even as we speak, I am working your film and that you are my first priority. Instagram and blog posts can wait because you are my #1.

Utah Wedding Videographer

While I lean more to the introvert side, I am also quite the opposite when I am around people I feel comfortable around. I open up and “come out of my shell” right away for my clients. I let your photographer run the show because that is how it traditionally works but I know when to step up and ask for a specific shot for video.

I always offer a no obligation consultation before you sign or pay me anything because I believe you should know what you are paying for. During these consultations we get to know each other and find out how I can best serve you.

As we are shooting, I am often cracking jokes and figuring out how to explain the shots I want. I make cheering sounds behind the camera when you nail the shot, I laugh when you laugh, and provide direction where it’s needed…if it’s needed. I always make sure I am thoroughly explaining myself and my processes. I want our communication lines to be open with each other.

I attempt to establish clear communication with your photographer before the wedding date. At the wedding I make sure we have a couple minutes to chat so that we can get our jobs done but in a way where we can work together. We are both there to capture your special day.

Utah Wedding Videographer

So, those are the basics of what you can expect when you choose me as your videographer. I could go into much greater deal but I generally tailor that information to my clients when they have those specific questions. You can also leave me comments below and ask me there as well!

Here is what some brides have said about working with me…
I took these reviews straight from my
Facebook page reviews.

Alix was so wonderful to work with! We had our bridal/first look video and our wedding day video done by her, and they were just what we wanted! She is super professional, but you also feel like you gain a friend when you work with her. She really goes out of her way to do all that she can for you -- we contacted her just a few days before our bridals and within a month of our wedding, and she was so accommodating! Our first video was done within a week, and our wedding video was done in 3 weeks! I feel like she really captured our personalities and our families instead of making the video too "production-y", which I LOVED! She made our wedding less stressful, and gave us beautiful videos to remember everything. Highly recommend to any bride! - MORGAN

I loved working with Alix at Wallingford Films. She is a dream to work with. She really wants the video to be what you want. She will go above and beyond to make changes to make the perfect video for you. She is so easy to work with and completely go with the flow. She traveled to CA to make the video for my wedding. She drove down with my siblings from Utah and then stayed with my family. I thought that was so chill and wonderful of her to do that. I love our wedding video and it captures our day perfectly. Something that I would recommend for future brides is sitting down with your videographer and writing down what you want to make sure the capture throughout the day. -SHAYNA

I LOVED working with Alix. She was so willing to work with my schedule and the final product was everything I imagined! She also got it done so fast. She made sure the video was what I wanted, which was really appreciated. We talked over facetime before my wedding so she knew my vision and she made that vision a reality! I will be forever grateful to her for capturing our magical day! - BRITTANY