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Hi! Today I would like to share with you 10 facts about me. Maybe you already know them. maybe you don’t. Whatever case, keep scrolling to learn more about who I am, because I am more than just a Utah Wedding Videographer.

Utah Wedding Videographer

Ever since we moved into our cute little house, I have been doing lots of decorating. Things were settled for awhile but lately we have been fixing up the kitchen to make it way cute. It was okay and pretty standard before, but when we are finished with it, I’ll definitely share pictures because so far it is freaking cute. I’m not an interior designer but if I decided to work really hard at it and go to school for it I know I could knock it out of the park. I just like being surrounded by pretty things.

Utah Wedding Videographer
Utah Wedding Videographer


Maybe it is because it’s winter, but my mental health feels like it has taken a serious dump lately. I don’t know any other way to phrase that. When I don’t exercise, I can definitely feel my mental health suffering the next day. While I originally started exercising to get healthy, lose weight, and get fit, the mental health benefits have been what has sustained me the past 3 years. Fun fact, I joined my exercise program on leap day in 2016. I get a kick out of the fact that is the day out of all days that I decide to get my act in gear. That one rare day that occurs every 4 years. Anyway, I exercise using Daily Burn. I personally love the price point and all the workout programs you get. My favorite and the one I rave about is 365. They give me a brand new total body workout M-F, with older ‘episodes’ to workout with on the weekends.

Utah Wedding Videographer


Does that sound weird to you? Well, that’s fine with me! I get weird looks all the time when I explain to people why I love budgeting. I love it because it gives a naturally anxious and spendy person like me a road map to my money. If you hate the word budgeting,, use “Spending Plan” instead. Because of budgeting, my husband and I were able to cash flow the remaining semester of my Associates Degree, save for a fully funded emergency fund, and go on a cruise…SIMULTANEOUSLY. We love being debt free! Right now, we are saving up money to replace the old windows on our house.


I am somewhat of a picky eater but I will eat almost anything a child would eat. I do enjoy other foods that kids don’t like but you’ll most often finding me eating kid friendly foods. Mac and Cheese, Pizza, and Cheeseburgers have always been at the top of my list. I can’t eat those all time because if I am going to exercise I might as well eat as good as I can without sacrificing too much flavor. So, I also love soft-shell tacos with chicken and my homemade taco seasoning.


I have been playing The Sims since 2000…for 19 years! Before I sat down to write this blog, I was still sitting in this same chair playing The Sims. I don’t play all the time, but I do play pretty frequently. Even if it is just for an hour. Sometimes it helps me get out of my head and gives me a bit of mental break before I gear up to work on my business or do stuff around the house. While Sims 3 was my longtime favorite, Sims 4 is quickly taking it’s place. I swore I would never say that but it is so much more visually appealing nowadays. Do you play?


I try. I really do. He is so patient with me as I’m complaining. He loves rock climbing, mountain biking, snow-shoeing, you name it. I think I’m just a hiker. However, if I can make a video of whatever it is we are doing, I generally have a better time. He really is just the right person for me. He always calms me down, he encourages me to try new things (aka his adventurous stuff), and provides me lots of support even when I feel like he is the only one who cares.


By now, if you know, you know that I love Disneyland. I don’t try to hide it one bit. Again, this is another thing that some people I know like to make fun of me for. You know what? I have never cared what others think. Most often, I find the people who think this have never gone themselves so they have no understanding of it. I happily write out all my best Disneyland tips and give them out to people if they need some pointers. That can get pretty exhausting so I will be writing a blog post on it at some point in the future. I have been going to The Happiest Place on Earth since I was 2 years old. In one of the videos below I mixed footage from my first trip ever, with footage of my most recent trip. Instead of going off into too much detail on why I love Disneyland…watch these 2 videos below to get a sense of how much that is.


Really. I am. In fact, I had teachers in the past describe me as “terribly or overly shy”. But while I’m shy, I’m also bubbly. I’m not your ideal person to strike up a conversation with at the grocery store because my introverted cave (my home) desperately awaits my return. But, I do love to talk. However, if I feel like we would be small-talking, I’d rather not. So if you see me and I just smile and wave, or just one or the other, don’t take it as me being rude. That’s my equivalent to having a small-talk conversation with you. I feel like it spares us both the awkward “how are you” conversation. Like, I see you on Facebook all the time, I know how you are and I don’t want to pry into your privacy to find out anything deeper you don’t feel comfortable sharing. Yeah, I’m shy, but I don’t feel this changes the way I operate my business or interact with my clients.


I cannot resist the sweets. Why do you think I work out? In fact, as soon as I am done writing this post, I will be in my kitchen preparing cinnamon rolls. I really do have a hard time controlling myself around sweets. You know those delicious but extremely processed sugar cookies you buy in the bakery section at the store? Oh man, I can’t resist the way that frosting melts in your mouth. I can eat a whole package of those myself in a day if I don’t push a few off onto Stephen. I love to bake as well and try to limit that to a weekend indulgence. Homemade brownies and cookies are the bomb. I love chocolate too. Some days I just really need that 78 cent candy bar from the checkout lane. What sweets do you love?


I keep every Thank You card I have ever received from a bride. I feel so incredibly happy when a bride writes me a glowing review, and then refers all her friends. It really feels like the best gift I could ask for. I love telling others that I appreciate them and why that is. I find it really important to tell someone why you are grateful for them instead of just simply stating that you are.

Utah Wedding Videographer

Well, that is basically all there is to know about me. Of course there are more than 10 Facts about me, but I thought keeping the list small would help brides get to know and understand me a little bit better.