Thanksgiving Point Wedding || Utah Wedding Videographer

Before I was a Utah Wedding Videographer, I met Colton and Ashley through a mutual friend. I remember sitting in my surrogate roommates’ apartment (that is a whole long story) eating this Chocolate Candy Bar cake. Oh my! Was that ever delicious! Anyway, Ashley was there and that is where we unofficially met. Colton wasn’t there but I do remember her talking about Colton, whom she had met down at Dixie State University. Back in 2014 when I had 2 sub-par quality wedding videos under my belt (don’t use your kit lens to film weddings, just don’t), Ashley and Colton decided to hire me as their videographer! When I heard the wedding would be at Thanksgiving Point, I was so excited. That is such a beautiful place with so many different scenery backgrounds to choose from.

Colton and Ashley were married in the Loggia Garden. Ashley and her bridesmaids had spent the night at the nearby Marriott hotel. I remember showing up about noon to start filming. This was my first time filming bridal prep so I didn’t know exactly what even happens with bridal prep. For my own wedding, I didn’t have bridesmaids so I needed to figure out what it was.

Utah Wedding Videographer

The two weddings I had done previously were temple weddings. Very different to traditional weddings. This was a great experiences. I loved the way this venue looked through my 50mm lens. I especially loved the way Ashley’s dress should out and was in sharp focus. This was the wedding that really sealed the deal for my love of videography.

My mom was my ‘assistant’ that day. She drove me to and from Thanksgiving Point. At this point in my life, I wasn’t very confident on the freeway and mom wasn’t going to have me get in an accident on my way to film a wedding. She was there not only as my assistant for driving, but she was also my emotional support. This was a big scary thing at the time. I was shaking with anticipation knowing that Ashley and Colton were relying on me to deliver the most high-quality film I possibly could. Nowadays, I don’t need my mom to drive me to a wedding (crying laughing emoji) but I always say a quick little prayer that I will be 100% devoted to serving the bride and groom and that I can do so safely.

I made some mistakes and didn’t communicate clearly with the photographer. I’ve learned since then and now this is one of the most important things I focus on during the day. I want to make sure I am out of the way of the photographer but still able to get my shot. In return, I have found that the photographer wants the same thing as well.

Utah Wedding Videographer