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Learning to market my business is so much more involved than I thought it would be. Being a Utah Wedding Videographer means I need to make a concerted effort in this saturated wedding market. Not only do I have to be blogging often, I also need to be posting on Instagram frequently. Instagram is the topic of today’s conversation. Let me explain the frustrations I have with this app.

Utah Wedding Videographer

The first frustration I have felt with Instagram is the value people place on follower counts. While it can be a good indicator of quality content, it is not the only indication. I only have 423 followers currently but I am starting to care less and less about those numbers and instead focus more on the content I am creating. I appreciate those that support be by following but I don’t let the numbers define my account. My current follower count (even if the number is larger in the future) doesn’t tell a potential follower or client my value. I determine my value, in business and in life. No one else can do that for me. Even if I have thousands of followers (which, no lie, is a goal) one day, I still determine my value. Seeing my follower count rise will mean I am doing what is right for my business and things are clicking. It is important but won’t solely convey my account’s value.

The other thing that irks me about Instagram is the accounts that use bots. So annoying! Please Stop! Everyone knows when you are using one and nobody likes it. Who likes engaging with a robot? No thanks, not me! On my account I deal with and ignore random likes from posts I made from a year ago, emoji comments with no text that don’t relate the caption or video/photo, and comments like “Cool!” even though it is a sweet video of a First Look. Lastly, I cannot stand the follow-unfollow game.

In the past I have allowed these irritations to hold me back. My thought process was “Why should I post if bots are the only interactions I get?” I still feel this way to a certain extent but I am trying my best to get out of my heard about it. I am attempting to make a proactive move to owning my Instagram. As my value increases, my human engagement should increase as well. I am trying to build a semi-cohesive feed, I’ve got story highlights with information about my business, and making sure I write engaging captions. I really hope I can start to create a brand following.

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