Jody Beth: Utah Fashion Blogger || Utah Wedding Videographer

Being a Utah Wedding Videographer doesn’t mean I only film weddings. It just means that is what I film the most of. I met Jody when I joined a Utah Fashion Blogger Facebook group….if I am remembering that correctly.  Now, I had no intentions of being a fashion blogger but I thought there would some bloggers who would like a free video for their blogs. I was really just getting started in videography and knew this could potentially be a great way to get my name out there. Jody was the only one that responded. We had such a fun time!

We met up at the Capitol building and hung out for an hour two while we got some fun footage for the About Me page on her blog. She brought several stylish outfits and we walked all around the building trying to find awesome locations. I also love that she brought props.

Utah Wedding Videographer

I love fashion and wish I could pull off all these stylish outfits and accessories. Sometimes I feel like I need a fashion intervention. I don’t wear anything ugly, but my typical is a jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. I wished that I would have been wearing cute clothes when were shooting together because at the end she pulled out her Polaroid camera and took a picture of us. I felt cool. I was so excited to edit this video for her that I think I did that the same day.

Jody and I are friends on Facebook and they just moved from the cutest little house ever. She had a whole room for shoes. You guys, a whole room! It would be so hard to leave a house you’ve personalized to you. I kind of had that experience as we were driving home from Home Depot after ordering new counter tops. We’ve made this little home we have been in for 3 years truly feel like our place. We haven’t done anything drastic with the design but it is just perfect for us. The thought of leaving this house at some point in the future made my eyes well up with tears on the drive home.

Utah Wedding Videographer