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Utah Wedding Videographer

What goes on in the back end of Wallingford Films? Well, the first thing to know is that being a Utah Wedding Videographer means that I live in close proximity to multiple different landscapes. I also happen to live smack dab in the middle of the state so I can drive 3 hours in any direction and hit the Utah border of another state. It makes it super convenient so that is why I offer my services statewide.

I exclusively edit in leggings or pajamas. Jeans are too restrictive to let the creativity flow. Elastic waistband = more creativity. I’m totally kidding but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a little truth to it. Being comfortable while I search and scan all your footage gets me in the right mindset.

After you have booked a wedding with me, the work begins before the camera ever turns on. I’m on the hunt for the best location(s) to film if that isn’t already predetermined. At the same time, I start listening to dozens (if not hundreds, honestly) of the music on the music licensing websites I subscribe to. I find the music that may be a good fit for your wedding. Music licensing is of the utmost importance. It is stealing for me to profit off of a video with music that I did not obtain the proper licenses for. I am always open to suggestions from you as long as it can be properly licensed and you give me a list of a few song you like. I usually handle this but always ask you for the genre of music you like. The licensing websites tend to be a bit overwhelming. If you provide me a list, I don’t finalize the song choice until I sit down to edit.

Utah Wedding Videographer

The day before your wedding, I am busy getting all my gear together, charging batteries, clearing and formatting SD cards, and mentally preparing for the day ahead. I also re-confirm the times your wedding and reception start. I get the pre-wedding jitters though they are slightly different than the ones that you experience. I’m already married so not that part of it, but the part where I am there capture your day to the best of my ability.

When the day of your wedding arrives, I leave my house with enough time to make sure I show up an hour early. You will find me around the venue capturing B-roll and getting things prepared, whether that be a temple exit or the starting of a ceremony. I know that when that moment comes my job is to be laser focused until you leave your reception. If you are exiting the temple, I finish my B-roll about 15-30 minutes after your ceremony starts. I remember exiting the temple within 20 minutes of our ceremony ending so because of that I finish B-roll soon after your ceremony starts. I wait near the doors so I can keep an eye out for your family and friends. If you are having a traditional ceremony, I mic up the officiant and groom about 20 minutes before it begin. I have recently added a third audio recorder to hook up the microphone or sound system you will be using. Having a microphone system generally provides better audio for your video. Plus, I know your family and friends who sit in the back would appreciate the microphone.

After the temple or ceremony, your photographer and I will take you and your HUSBAND to od photos and video for about 30 minutes to an hour after the family pictures. With temple weddings, I usually get a break for 2-3 hours. I find somewhere to hang out and relax. If I am nearby the mall I will go window shop and grab some food. Sometimes I just sit in my car using my lumbar massage pillow for an hour. Standing all day is really hard on my hips so the massage pillow brings me much needed relief. I also use heat patches or Icy Hot. By the reception, my hips are already toast but my day is only half over. I have a wedding day relief kit just to make sure I can stand for another 3 hours. If you see me sitting down at your reception for a few minutes, I’m in pain but will never admit it to your face. I’ll be fine in a moment after I massage my lower back for a minute. Perhaps I should tell this kind of stuff to a doctor? I’m worried he’ll say the S word (surgery).

Utah Wedding Videographer

Receptions are very unique so it is hard to give you an exact behind the scenes process on this part of your wedding day. Your reception may have food, a line, dancing, and an entertainment program. While another bride may choose to only do a line and treats. Regardless of what your reception is like, I film as much as possible. I’m there from the start of your reception until you exit the reception. On my way I home I am going to start making audio recordings on the events of the day so that when I write the blog post, I don’t forget details I wanted to include.

The next morning I usually wake up with a huge headache. I’ve found that the drinking a sports drink with electrolytes seems to lessen the side effects. So on my way home from your reception, I like to stop by a gas station and get a sports drink. Nothing hinders me getting immediately started on your wedding like a migraine. A lot of photographers and videographers dub this headache the “wedding hangover”. Truth be told, we wake up that next day and still feel so tired. It usually takes me a few hours of laying in bed to be able to get up. Which is so opposite of me.

Once I feel like a functioning human again, my first task is to backup your footage to my hard drive. No lie, I haven’t changed out of my pajamas, washed my face, brushed my teeth, or even eaten breakfast. Then, I organize the footage, find music that matches what was captured, and start editing. Color correction is by far the most time consuming part of editing. I am a true to color editor so I don’t do dramatic color changes but you’d be surprised at the difference. I love the moody tones, but I find that true color will last a lifetime.

Utah Wedding Videographer

It might shock you to know that while I am editing I watch your video at least 50 times. What is even more shocking is that I don’t get sick of it one bit. I am so focused on getting it right that I’ll listen to the same 10 seconds of the video 15 times just to make sure I am putting the clip in the exact right spot. The music and video are intermixed that the slightest change in one part of the video has to be changed all throughout. If I take out a clip I have to shorten the music or make another clip longer. Our eyes like it when the music and video are in sync.

My favorite part of this whole process is sharing the video with you and eagerly awaiting your comments. I absolutely LOVE when you share your wedding video online with family and friends. I absolutely love being a wedding videographer and look forward to capturing your special day. I’m very open about what I do behind the scenes so if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!