You Need a First Look || Utah Wedding Videographer

I wish I had known that First Look films were a thing when I was getting married. I didn’t mind that Stephen had seen my dress before we got married, but I wish I could do over the way he saw my dress. I was so nonchalant about it. Now that First Look videos are my favorite videos to film, I wish I could do it over. Now that I am a Utah Wedding Videographer, I have even been thinking about having the two of us get all dressed up again and doing a 6 year '“First Look”. Haha, does that sound weird? I’d have to see if the dress still fits. It would be nice to get pictures with it one more time before I sell or donate it.

With a First Look video it is only the photographer, the two of you, and me. Once that reaction shows on his face we start moving around and get all the angles. That is pretty hard to do in a ceremony with family and friends surrounding either side of the aisle. We don’t want to be huge distractions to your guests.

I know it can be superstitious to see the bride before the wedding day but I have one very good reason to break that….it’s incredibly beautiful to get to relive it in this much detail. You get to experience that exact moment in time as many times as you want when it is filmed. While it can be great walking down the aisle to your groom or having him see you for the first time in your wedding dress in the celestial room in the temple. These moments either cannot be captured (inside the temple) or require multi-cam setups. As an already semi-awkward person, having two cameras on me at one time is enough. One for the photographer and one for the videographer.

I’m not one for superstitions anyway. We got married on Friday the 13th after all. I just thought it was cool date because we got married on 09.13.13. It was even cooler when my sister was married 6 months later on 02.14.14. The funniest part was that our youngest sister got married on 05.15.15. It’s pretty easy to remember everyone’s anniversaries. I had sort of started a trend. Or, maybe it all just happened coincidentally.

I absolutely love filming First Look videos because it is such a focused moment. We usually shoot a few weeks before the wedding. That way, your photographer and your videographer, have time to edit and get everything ready to display at your reception. I love seeing the reactions on the groom’s face. I filmed one a few years ago where the groom’s mouth just fell open and he almost lost control of his knees. I wish I had used my wider lens to catch that. You can see that video below.

Wasn’t that such a great reaction? While I didn’t have a First Look we did do our bridal pictures before the wedding day. We got all dressed up and went to Temple Square. We took the pictures on a beautiful day and were so grateful because on our wedding day, it was raining so much! The rain stopped just long enough for us to exit the temple and get the family photos on the steps all taken care of. As a previous bride myself, I can attest to the huge amount of time that saved on our wedding day. It’s the second reason I give on why you should definitely consider a First Look. It saves a lot of time on the wedding day. Time that you can relax in between the wedding and reception. I totally took off my dress before we left Temple Square. I wore regular dress clothes to the luncheon and that was a huge relief. We got to eat food much faster and didn’t have to stay behind to take more pictures.

So, I hope you strongly consider a First Look session for your wedding. They are my favorite videos to film because they convey so much emotion and love. In fact, when I have brides approach me and ask what they can get on a limited budget, I always respond that they should book a First Look session.