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I’ll have to be honest, when I was filming this wedding, I was a little shocked that Cody started off with a list of all the things he doesn’t like about Marissa. After all, I am a Utah Wedding Videographer so I have heard my fair share of vows. Thankfully, he backed this up in his real vows saying that he only made it because he can’t find a scroll long enough to say all the things he loves about her. He explained how we was glad Marissa is in his life and has changed him for the better.

Marissa’s vows started off differently. She started off with a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald that says “ There is all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice”. She proceeded to explain that their love is unique because no one else has experienced loving him the way she does. There is a part in her vows where she explains that through their 5 1/2 year relationship she’s has never him more than that day. I suspect that even now, 4 years later, that love has grown even stronger. Looking into their future I know they have the cutest little boy waiting for them.

Utah Wedding Videographer

I met Cody and Marissa through a Black Friday deal I ran in November 2014. It was actually a spur of the moment deal I decided to do. I can’t remember the details of the ad but Marissa responded so fast! I did some Facebook digging because I recognized her last name, Hill. When I was a young child, my mom had a friend with that same last name that she always did sewing projects with. Well I asked her if she knew my mom’s friend and she responded, “That’s my aunt!” The mystery had been solved. It was so fun to have that extra little connection. I remembered telling Marissa a random story or two about her cousins because I played with them quite often as a kid.

Marissa and Cody’s ceremony took place up City Creek Canyon by a river. Dreamy! Their reception was at Sugarhouse Park. One of the things I remember most about their wedding is the excitement on her face when Cody was told to kiss his bride. Watch the video to see it! So much excitement!

Utah Wedding Videographer