Disneyland - Favorite Childhood Memory || Utah Wedding Videographer

Disneyland - Favorite Childhood Memory Utah Wedding Videographer

I have been visiting Disneyland since I was 2 years old. The first time I ever went was in 1993. For the past 26 years it has been the place I go when I need a reset. Some people crave the beach, others prefer a new city. Well folks, Disneyland is where I crave. Visiting other places is great and do provide me with a reset but none offer it like Disneyland. It is my home away from home as cliche as it is to say that about the Happiest Place on Earth. One of my goals with being a Utah Wedding Videographer is to be able to go twice a year! Meaning, I want to be able to make enough profit to quit my day job, put more money towards our house, pay myself, and GO TO DISNEYLAND OFTEN.

Let me explain why I love it so much.

Disneyland - Favorite Childhood Memory Utah Wedding Videographer

In the photo above you’ll see a very tomboy-ish Alix (on the right) waiting in line with my sisters for Indiana Jones.

Truth be told, I have loved Disneyland before I had ever stepped foot there. My parents had somehow acquired a VHS Tape of A Day at Disneyland. This is not the Sing Along Disneyland video, though that video is great as well. Most people don’t know about it because it is rare but it is on Youtube. Just search “A Day at Disneyland VHS” and you should find it. My mom said I used to watch this video all the time and ask to go to DIsneyland. My nursery was even decorated with baby Disney characters. My first word besides baby babble and “momma” or dada” was Mickey. Hi, weirdo right here. (I’m raising my hand)

I obviously don’t remember a lot about my first trip ever. Though I do remember looking through a white fence of some kind. Perhaps it was in Toontown. I do remember being absolutely terrified of the drops in Pirates of the Caribbean. My grandpa would always wear his hat and lose it on that ride. It is still kind of a family meme.

Rarely did my family ever get to go to Disneyland multiple years in a row. We were the family that could only afford to go every other year or every couple of years so going to Disneyland was always a treat. I am also convinced that I was the little girl that started the trend of kissing mickey on his nose, but I could have seen it somewhere else. I dunno, all I know after I got that first hug from Mickey (which is on film) I gave him a cute little kiss on his nose.

I have a lot of memories that involve Disneyland. One of the ones I can remember right now is how I remember not being scared on Haunted Mansion. I felt cool! I was probably 13! haha. The graveyard scene was always the part I didn’t like. I did not like the guys that pop up from behind the tombstones. It always startled me. I was never frightened but it always gave me a good jump.

I do have a Disneyland confession: I have never ridden in the front on Splash Mountain. Maybe this next time Stephen and I go I will be brave enough.

My favorite thing about Disneyland is the atmosphere and the smells. If you didn’t already know this there are vents in the main street shops that are actually designed to pump the smell of the sweets into Main Street. Look for the Candy Palace and see if you can find the vents below the windows. Give ‘em a whiff. I am also determined to eat a Monte Cristo Sandwich at the Blue Bayou on a trip.

I have so much I can say about Disneyland and I plan on having several more blog posts about it so I don’t want to reveal it all at once. Just know that Disneyland is my #1 favorite place to be besides my own home. Follow the Disneyland tag that shows at the bottom of this post and see what other posts have been added.

Disneyland - Favorite Childhood Memory Utah Wedding Videographer