Wallingford Films - Then and Now || Utah Wedding Videographer

Well, we all start somewhere and nowhere is that more true than with me, your videographer. I am constantly learning new things and always feel like I am improving. Being a Utah Wedding Videographer means that I am attempting to evolve in a pretty saturated market. In the 5 years I have been on this videography journey I can’t even begin to describe all that I have learned. My very first wedding video was my sister’s wedding day in 2014. To be honest, I had no idea what gear I needed or how to do ANYTHING. The video at the end of this post proves that. It is almost embarrassing to show other people but I watch it about once a year to remember where I started.

In retrospect, I so badly wanted to achieve the video quality I have now. I thought that would be all it took to be “successful” but guess what? I am shooting in the exact same resolution in both of these videos! I still would like to be able to upgrade my resolution one day but I think my work proves a massive point that video quality is subjective to the videographer. Just because you have a “nice camera” doesn’t mean the video will be nice. It takes a lot more work than the type of camera you are using to create art.

My older video was shot on a Canon t3i with the kit lens. I knew several other videographers who started on the same camera but had a huge difference in quality compared to me. I was jealous, I was envious, but I knew I was learning as I went. Even now I feel I am progressing much slower than others. I am doing this without any credit cards or loans so that may have something to do with it but I can’t be too sure. My newest video, was shot on a Canon 6D on my 35mm and 24-105 lens. Resolution is the same for both videos but as you can see, the quality is worlds apart. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, what matters is that you know how to use it correctly. Trust me, I’m still getting to know my camera better each time I use it.

It is quite humbling to look at this older video. While I squeal with glee as I watch my newest video, I realize that I have learned so much and it hasn’t been in vain. I remember squealing with glee on the video below. It wasn’t great but I had done something I had never done before. This video below, as bad as it is, is what lead me to where I am now. That feeling after I had completed my first video was electric and I had to keep going. I still get that same feeling every time I finish an edit. My current focus, in between editing videos, is growing my business and doing all that I can to make it successful.

I am excited for all the things I will continue to learn.