Utah Wedding Videographer | Business Inspo - Kylee Maughan

Utah Wedding Videographer | Business Inspo - Kylee Ann Maughan

This wonderful lady pictured above is the only reason you probably even know that I exist. No kidding. I have had a hard time finding my place as a Utah Wedding Videographer the past 5 years. Kylee here has built a hugely successful photography business with multiple associate photographers and business courses in the period of 8 years. I used her guide to get my business legal back in 2017. I followed her for a couple of years and this past January I decided to jump head on to the 90 Days of Marketing Challenge she does twice a year.

At the lowest point in my business struggle, Kylee’s support and encouragement were there. It had got to the point that even renewing my state business license for $20 didn’t feel worth it anymore. I put so much of myself into everything you see whether that be blog posts, videos, or Instagram. Not feeling like I could renew my business was heartbreaking. The thought of not renewing my business license felt like I was breaking up with a part of myself. I like to try to work things out and really give it an honest go before deciding something is not worth my time. I thought really long and hard about it and realized that I hadn’t been showing up for my business. I was halfheartedly posting. It honestly felt like there was no point when you know that maybe only 1 person will read what you are writing or putting out there, especially if they don't leave a comment.

I still don't have the business success I am after but I am finally putting in the effort required to make my dreams come true. One day I will get there but first I need to lay the foundation. Kylee's encouragement and business courses help me feel like I am taking an active role in the success and growth of my business rather than just waiting for my big break if that ever happens.

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Kylee's Photography Website: http://kyleeannphotography.com/