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What to Wear for Videos || Utah Wedding Videographer

Utah Wedding Videographer

Hey! Being a Utah Wedding Videographer means I get asked a lot about what you should wear for a video.


Selecting outfits that coordinate together will help you and your honey look like you belong together. From my experience with clients, I usually see the ladies dress in patterns or colors, while their men wear neutral toned colors. Wearing colors that work cohesively but aren’t 100% matching is a great to help the two of you stand out from the background.

I want my clients to feel comfortable in what they wear. Being on camera can feel rather uncomfortable already. Wearing clothing you feel comfortable in will help with the awkwardness you may feel in front of the camera. Just a quick side note on feeling awkward on camera, it never shows through the lens.

Utah Wedding Videographer

The next thing I want to talk about it how to coordinate outfits to the location you will be visiting. However, if you’re not sure of the color palette of the planned location, coordinating neutrals is always a safe bet. Think about this example, if you are going to forest, you do not want to be wearing the same shade of green as the pine trees that will be behind you. While you won’t look like a floating head, we don’t want the only thing in the video that stands out to be your head. Neutral tones or complementary shades will not only show the beauty of the location, but help you look like you prepared for this shoot. Effort goes a long way. Not to mention, it makes my job easier in the post production of your film.

Utah Wedding Videographer

On a shoot I recently filmed for past clients, Madisen and Colby, I told them how much I appreciated their effort to color coordinate. Then we used these log cabins to our advantage. Before filming I had forgotten about these cabins that are behind the Maverik gas station here in Ephraim. I was worried that there would be too much brown going on but it ended up looking amazing! It gave the film a really rustic feel.

To sum everything up

  • Color coordinate the outfits

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Think/Ask about the location the shoot will be taking place

Remember that I am always here to offer suggestions or help with what outfits to wear. I’m all about keeping it simple which is why I haven’t drawn out this topic too much.

Utah Wedding Videographer